How to Sell A Business for a Top Price



80% of businesses, don't sell!



1. It’s an unfair playing field – Business sellers are usually far less experienced than business acquirers/investors.

2. Business sellers are often not able to prove why their business is worth a premium.

3. Some M&A Advisory firms are not up to the job.

4. Covid-19 has emboldened business acquirers that can buy businesses cheaply.


I want to sell my business!

Become the 20%!


With 20 years’ experience of buying and selling multiple businesses (including my own), this course is specifically designed to equip you for the road ahead,

to ensure that you are in the top 20% of transactions that complete, not the 80% which fail!

You've built your business from the ground up, so it is only fair that you achieve your attractive exit.


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From identifying your ideal buyers, to dispelling the top myths, this course is designed to help you sell your business for that all-important top price. Anyone can sell a business, but selling it for what it is actually worth is a whole other ball game. 

Work with me and my sessions to make your journey into selling your business the stuff of dreams, not nightmares!


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Preparation is key

In value-packed videos, bonus content and supporting materials, I'm breaking down how to prepare business owners, in any sector, any country, to sell their business for a premium price.

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Six videos. 360 successful transactions. 5 hours of video content. A complete guide to how the business sale process works, the pitfalls to avoid and the best practices to achieve an attractive exit.

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