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Rob Goddard's M & A Academy


With 20 years' experience of buying and selling business for my clients, as well as my own, I'm here to take you on a journey that will help you sell your own business at a premium price.

Ready to sell and exit your business?


A course specifically designed for business owners like yourself: Six comprehensive video sessions and a 121 consult with yours truly, get ready to achieve your own attractive exit

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Twenty years of helping business leaders and entrepreneurs. Thousands of lives improved.

Minds inspired worldwide.


You’ve already decided to make a success of your business.

Now, you can choose to do it without suffering the high cost of stress. Success in business is not priceless. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and mental health to achieve it. You’re worth more than anything your business can achieve.

I sold my business and now focus on helping other business owners find their own attractive exit.

Achieve their “magic number” and so finish one chapter in their lives and start a new one, whenever that might be. My live talks, webinars, and mentoring support will help you navigate the sometimes tricky path of exiting a business.

Move from here to where you want to be: resilient, successful and most importantly of all, content in life.


Get ready to realise your dream

Who am I?


I can help you prepare your pitch to investors and also review all your pitch collateral. We can then access my network of over 2,000 funders for you to pitch to. In some situations, I may also invest my own money in your business, if it’s something I believe in, can add real value and at the same time have fun.


A wide range of key note speeches, talks and workshops centred around personal and business development. Topics such as how to avoid “burn out”; creating more time for the people that matter most and how to achieve your “magic number” to name some of the most popular areas.


I undertake private client work with a few clients each year. A tailored 12-month programme designed to help business owners grow and prepare their company for a longer term exit one day.
I also run a comprehensive membership on How to Sell a Business for a Top Price.

80% of businesses don't sell. 


Here's how you can be the 20%!

How to sell a business for a top price

Buying and selling businesses can be a bit of a minefield.

Which is why I'm giving you all my expertise, knowledge and tips to help make the process as smooth as possible.


Here is some of the bonus content you get access to in my course:

Make money work for you, not work for money


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Make yourself redundant from your own business


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What are the good and bad habits of selling a business?



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